Wisdom Teeth Removal in Langley BC

Wisdom Tooth Extraction 

Township Dental takes great pride in delivering personalized oral health care for you and your family while creating a comfortable and positive experience. It doesn’t matter if you need a routine treatment like a cleaning or a more complex procedure like wisdom tooth extraction near you; our team will be by your side each step of the way. 

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What are Wisdom Teeth? Why Do They Need to be Removed? 

Wisdom teeth emerge just behind your regular molars. Many patients will visit a dentist to have them removed for the following reasons: 

  • Making room for adult teeth
  • Prevent pain and sensitivity
  • Impaction 
  • Damage to adjacent teeth 
  • Tumors and cysts have formed 
  • Orthodontic treatment preparation
  • Improving one’s overall oral health

Typically, patients have four wisdom teeth (two on the top and two on the bottom); a smaller few do not. Due to the variations from one dental case to another, Dr. Boparai will closely examine your smile to determine if this procedure is best for you. Our staff will also take the time to answer any questions and take you through each step of the procedure. 

What Does the Procedure Require?

Making an informed decision is crucial for your oral health. Dr. Boparai will help guide you through the process from start to finish:  

A local anesthetic is used before the extraction to numb the tooth and the surrounding area for the patient. If multiple wisdom teeth are being removed, sedation might be used instead. Dr. Boparai will open your gum tissue near the tooth with a scalpel. Once the tissue is separated from the tooth and the bone, the wisdom tooth can be gently removed. In some cases, the tooth may be cut into several pieces to make the removal easier. 

After the tooth is gone, Dr. Boparai will stitch up the extraction site. 

Aftercare Tips

To help your smile make a full recovery, follow the tips provided. Reach out to our dentist near you if you have any concerns. 

  1. Control Bleeding:Place a piece of gauze over the socket and bite down firmly for 45 minutes. The formation of blood clots is an important part of the process, and you need to be careful not to dislodge it. To do this, avoid rinsing and spitting for 24 hours after your procedure, and avoid using a straw. Dry socket arises when a blood clot fails to form in the socket and can delay healing.
  2. Swelling: If swelling occurs, press an ice pack on your face, then remove. Repeat this cycle as much as you need.
  3. Medications: Your mouth may be sore or a bit sensitive for the next little while and that’snormal; take Advil or Tylenol to address this.  
  4. Eating: Chewing on the opposite site of your mouth and avoid hot liquids and alcohol for the first day after your appointment. A liquid diet may be recommended for the next day or two.
  5. Cleaning:Don’t brush your teeth surrounding the extraction site then, 24 hours after the procedure, rinse with salt water (1/2 teaspoon in a cup of water) after eating meals and before bed.

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