Sedation Dentistry in Langley, BC


Sedation Dentistry Near You

At Township Dental, we put patient care and comfort first. We offer sedation dentistry to those who experience fear or anxiety during their appointments. Depending on the level of sedation administered, your state of consciousness and memory may be altered slightly. Our dentist near you, Dr. Boparai advises having someone take you to and from our clinic, so you get home safely. 

Additionally, if you struggle with claustrophobia, have an overactive gag reflex, high oral sensitivity, or require a lengthy procedure, you may also be a candidate for dental sedation in Langley. Please get in touch with us to learn more. 

What We Offer at Our Clinic 

  • Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is exactly what it sounds like: you’ll be given a pill to take a few hours before your appointment. Compared to routine local anesthesia, the dosage that you will be receiving is higher than routine anesthesia that simply numbs the treatment area in your mouth. As a result, this is a great choice to consider if you require a complex procedure and it is low-cost. 

Oral sedation will not necessarily put you to sleep, but you may drift off, which is perfectly fine. But we do recommend having a family member or friends take you to and from the appointment, as the effects may take a while to completely wear off.  

  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide sedation is the most frequent form of sedation used in dentistry, boasting a safety record of 150 years. It is suited to patients with mild to moderate anxiety and, as a result, significantly reduces fear or apprehension to provide a state of relaxation. You remain conscious and experience a sense of euphoria or floating. It is delivered to patients via a tube and mask over the nose. For young children requiring nitrous sedation, the mask will be provided in advance for familiarization.

There are very few contraindications for the procedure. Women in their first trimester of pregnancy, patients with emphysema, those under anti-cancer therapy with bleomycin, or patients who have recently undergone ear or eye surgery should not undergo this treatment. If you are either congested/have a cold, your appointment may be postponed. Dr. Boparai will review the details of your case to see if you’re a good candidate for this service. 

After the procedure there’s no hangover effect as the gas leaves your system after a couple of minutes. You can safely drive home and return to normal activities immediately.

If you have questions or any concerns about getting dental sedation near you, you’re encouraged to reach out to our team! We are at your disposal and will work hard so your time with us is smooth and positive. 

Set Up a Session with Us 

Call or email us today to set up a consultation with our dentist in Langley, Dr. Boparai. Regardless of the form of treatment you need, we guarantee that you’ll leave our clinic satisfied with your results and happy to show off your smile.